Sitecore MVC For Beginners – Part 1 – Getting Started

In recent times Sitecore MVC has gain much popularity & it has become a standard choice now.
With every new Sitecore release, this is becoming more popular & powerful.

I get more & more requests to write about Sitecore MVC so here it is, a blog series about Getting Started with Sitecore MVC for beginners like me.

In this blog series we will create a demo website while learning basics of Sitecore MVC.
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Sitecore 8 – Experience Editor – HTML Formatting Getting Strip in Multiline Text Field

Few days back our client reported one issue where any formatting (HTML tags defined inside the MultiLine Text Field) were getting striped-out while saving the page in Experience Editor.

This was interesting as it was only happening in Experience Editor & If we save the page using Content Editor, everything was as expected.

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View Sitecore Jobs – Sitecore SPEAK Module

This is the end product of all our learnings while I was writing the blog series Sitecore SPEAK for beginners.

As I said we should not only learn Sitecore SPAEK but make something useful for us.

I’ve packaged up all our learning into a Sitecore Module & published it to the Sitecore Market Place.

I named this “View Sitecore Jobs” & this module can be found here:

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Sitecore SPEAK For Beginners – Part 9 – Getting Data for Custom Component

This is part 9 of the blog series Sitecore SPEAK for beginners.

We will continue from our last post where we used our JobItems rendering parameter to render a static text.

In this post I’ll show how we can get Sitecore jobs as a JSON collection & bind that collection to our jobitems property.

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Sitecore SPEAK For Beginners – Part 8 – How to use Custom Component’s Rendering Parameters

This is part 8 of the blog series Sitecore SPEAK for beginners.

In our last post we created the Rendering Parameters template for for Custom Component & defined one JobItems property on it.

In this post we will see how we can use this Rendering Parameter to render some value on our Custom Component.
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