View Sitecore Jobs – Sitecore SPEAK Module

This is the end product of all our learnings while I was writing the blog series Sitecore SPEAK for beginners.

As I said we should not only learn Sitecore SPAEK but make something useful for us.

I’ve packaged up all our learning into a Sitecore Module & published it to the Sitecore Market Place.

I named this “View Sitecore Jobs” & this module can be found here:

This is useful to the developers & content editors who want to monitor Sitecore Jobs.
This is an SPEAK app to list all running or queued Sitecore Jobs by default.


In case we do not have any running or queued Sitecore jobs, we will see no Sitecore Jobs message.

If we want to list Sitecore jobs, which are finished already we can check the Include Finished Jobs checkbox.

Isn’t it simple & useful?

If you wish to have the source code, I created a GIT Repo as well.

Download this from Sitecore Marketplace & let me know if this is helping you or not.