Sitecore 8 for Beginners – Executing Command on Ribbon Button Click

This is the second post in the Sitecore Beginners series.

In Part 1 we have added a new button to the Sitecore ribbon which does nothing yet.

We will start with writing code for the Sitecore command which will listen the button click.

For this, I created an empty “Web Application” project in Visual Studio 2012 (you can choose “Class Library” as well) & named the web project “SitecoreLearnings.Web”.

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Sitecore 8 for Beginners -Adding Custom Button to Ribbon

In the Sitecore 8 for Beginners blog series,I’ll be sharing the knowledge which is basic but yet very important for developers who are learning the Sitecore.

In this blog post I’ll show how we can add our custom button to the Sitecore ribbon.

Later in the series,we will learn to create our custom SPEAK dialog(don’t worry,if you don’t know SPEAK) & bind that dialog to our custom ribbon button.
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